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iFlex: The hose that disappears

iFlex is the innovative GDA retractable system that hides the flexible hose directly in the wall.

It is certainly the most practical and functional cleaning system you could desire: extract the flexible hose and connect it to the ultralight telescopic rod or directly to the accessories. Once cleaning is finished it retracts back fast into the piping, using the vacuum created by your central unit! Neither any electric cable to connect nor a battery to recharge.
Only with the GDA retractable system you can combine performance and practicality, superior to whatever portable vacuum cleaner, along with the doubtless advantages of the central system, first of all the expulsion of the air out of your home!
There isn’t any portable vacuum cleaner, in fact, that can keep and contain 100 % of the vacuumed dust and bacteria.
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Standard pipes and fittings

It is often assumed that one pipe or the other is the same, but this is not so!

The fittings of General D’Aspirazione just have one duty: aspire the air with all that it can carry, avoiding that anything could stop along the way.

The Astra / Dea, Quadra and Classic series of counter-frames can be installed on this system.

The GDA series Astra / Dea counter-grips have the patented exclusive General D’Aspirazione system.

The plaster-saving cover, hermetically sealed, is an “exclusive patent” of General D’aspirazione that guarantees a perfect testing of the whole system immediately after the realization of the predisposition of the plant, without having to install the inlet socket or uncomfortable caps test.

Oval Piping

The products in the LINEA OVALE oval pipe assortment are an absolute exclusivity, designed and manufactured by GDA.
Thanks to the reduced height of only 24 mm It is now possible to realise a system in spaces where before this was unthinkable, maintaining The same vacuum power and performance as with the traditional round tubing.

Systems with the Linea Ovale oval piping incentivize the installation of central vacuum systems in those areas where the traditional 50 mm tubing cannot be installed. Ideal for renovations, where there is an underfloor heating system, in prefabricated wooden houses and in case of the presence of drywall with soundproof material inside.

The oval piping, same as the traditional 50 mm round tubing, can be installed on floor, wall, and roof. It is also possible, where necessary, to realise mixed systems between round and oval pipes.

Where it is not possible to fit the system below the floor heating elements, the oval tubing can be installed around the surroundings, as shown on the above picture.

Con il sistema innovativo “Aria-Suite” (brevetto esclusivo General D’Aspirazione) è possibile installare un impianto di aspirazione centralizzato in un’abitazione già costruita e sprovvista della predisposizione.

The “Aria-Suite” system can be easily installed without any masonry works with its fancy and not invasive decorative elements .

Refinishes the Aria – Suite elements are harmoniously matching to every domestic environment.

An example of where you can use Aria-Suite

“Color versions available”

Wood Line

Technical Line

Examples of custom colors