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iFlex System

Living comfort with maximum convenience!

Since 1974 clean air for your well-being

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Choose healthy clean! discover the benefits of the system

Deep hygiene

The air vacuumed from various rooms in the residence is filtered and expelled out of your home environment ensuring the total elimination of micro dust, dust mites and bacteria.

Silent operation

Silent operation With the GDA system you will not hear the annoying motor noise of the vacuum cleaner, as the control unit is soundproof and placed in the service area – out of sight!

Energy saving

The limited encumbrance and the lightness of the flexible working hose ensures that you reach also areas that are not accessible with traditional systems.

Practicality and safety

The complete elimination of dust allows to decrease the times of cleaning per day. With these 2 advantages, you obtain energy savings.

Easy maintenance

Maintenance is almost inexistent. Periodic replacement (every 2-4 months) of the dust collection bag placed inside the container is sufficient.


It is suitable for all kinds of surfaces: smooth flooring, parquet, carpet, curtains, upholstery, etc. It sucks up all kinds of liquids from floors with the special liquid suction attachment.

The centralized vacuum cleaner for your home

Quality, Safety and Design 100% Made in Italy

Purified air, final elimination of dust, mites, and allergenic factors, deep cleaning, handiness, suction power, limited consumption.

Discover how the GDA central vacuum cleaning system can improve your life and the one of your family, perfectly integrating in your home and making it a safe haven.


Forget electric brooms and robots

The greatest advantage of a centralized vacuum cleaner system over a conventional vacuum cleaner, even a new generation, is the ability to completely eliminate the micro-dust in the air that is conveyed outside through the vacuum system.

As a result, the environment is much healthier and cleaner, safe even for children playing on the ground.

The centralized dust extraction system is extremely quiet, convenient to use, allows the whole house to be cleaned very quickly, with no wires or batteries to recharge.

iFlex: The hose that disappears

The convenient and invisible solution.

It is certainly the most practical and functional cleaning system you could desire: extract the flexible hose and connect it to the ultralight telescopic rod or directly to the accessories. When the cleaning is over, it quickly re-enters the pipework by taking advantage of the vacuum created by your central vacuum cleaner! iFlex can be installed on all walls at least 10 cm thick, both interior and perimeter walls, masonry and plasterboard.

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