A powerful, silent vacuum cleaner that, once finished cleaning, with a simple gesture disappears in the wall?
No storing, no need to pull it from one room to another, you could think you are dreaming, but it exists!
The central vacuum cleaning system evolves and becomes even more futuristic with the new iFlexsystem. let’s discover what this is all about.

Whats is iFlex

The iFlex is an innovative system that increases even more the versatility and handiness of your central vacuum cleaning system.


The flexible hose retracts into the wall!
No need anymore to carry the flexible hose from one room to another, nor to store it back after use.

Think about the daily cleaning: the dust on the surfaces, cleaning the carpets, vacuuming the floors: everything with one sole hose, without carrying anything from one environment to the next!
Same thing applies to the extraordinary cleaning, like shutters, radiants, the upper parts of wardrobes, ceiling beams: no stairs, no carrying from one space to the next, just a flexible hose, to which you just change accessories.

How iFlex work

The function of the iFlex system is extremely simple and immediate.

Each vacuum wall inlet covers an average surface between 70 and 100 square metres according to the positioning of the structure in the building.
With only one gesture you open the cover of the inlet and pull out the hose for the desired length, up to a maximum of 12 metres. Operating the lever inside the inlet you block the hose and at the same time the vacuum central goes on. You connect the hose with the handle and start cleaning.

No fear that during the cleaning the flexible hose scratches surfaces or furniture : to avoid this it is equipped with a special covering that protects the objects from scratches and eliminates the noise of the hose moving on the floor in normal use for a comfort without equals! Once finished to vacuum you disconnect the handle from the hose, operate the lever again to unblock the hose and, covering the vacuum with your flat hand and the hose retracts in a few seconds inside the inlet.
Closing the inlet cover, the central will automatically switch off.

It is not necessary anymore to take the flexible hose and put it back into its storage room after use; the only component you need to store is the stick connected to the brush that, having the same size of a broom, can be put in any corner of the house or behind a door.

With iFlex, the evident advantages of a central vacuum system like the high suction power, the light weight, the handiness and the silent operation unite with a handiness of a superior grade that make it much more practical than any other vacuum cleaner. And especially, you have a guarantee of total hygiene that only a central vacuum system can give: the total elimination of microbes, dust and allergenic factors.

Everything that is vacuumed is first filtered in the vacuum central: the micro particles that have not been withheld are expelled by the central out of the building.

Consequently, nothing is put back into the environment of the home that becomes perfectly sanitized, eliminating the so called indoor pollution and making sure a living comfort without equals.

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