GDA System

Central vacuum cleaner GDA

Deep hygiene

The air vacuumed from various rooms in the residence is filtered and expelled out of your home environment ensuring the total elimination of micro dust, dust mites and bacteria.

Silent operation

With the GDA system you will not hear the annoying motor noise of the vacuum cleaner, as the control unit is soundproof and placed in the service area – out of sight!

Energy saving

The limited encumbrance and the lightness of the flexible working hose ensures that you reach also areas that are not accessible with traditional systems.

Practicality and safety

The complete elimination of dust allows to decrease the times of cleaning per day. With these 2 advantages, you obtain energy savings. Furthermore, the GDA units consume only 1 Watt in Stand-By.

Easy maintenance

Maintenance is almost inexistent. Periodic replacement (every 2-4 months) of the dust collection bag placed inside the container is sufficient. The filter is cleaned by a self-cleaning system, present in the Wirelss Total Series, powered by an integrated air compressor.


It is suitable for all types of surfaces: smooth floors, wood floors, carpets, upholstery, curtains etc.

How does it work

A central vacuum system is the only system that makes sure to expel the air aspired completely out of the building, resulting in the total elimination of micro dust, dust mites and bacteria.

Living in a cleaner environment, free of micro particles, means to improve your wellbeing and the health of your home.

The system is realized with a network of PVC pipes of the same type as the one used for the electrical and plumbing conducts, but with the only function of vacuum cleaning and purifying the surrounding environment, being able in fact to aspirate with huge power generating a process of decompression that changes the polluted air in the space where it is used.

To clean without hearing the noise of the vacuum cleaner is not a dream anymore.

The centralized vacuum system GDA allows you to do it in total silence, as the central is soundproof and away from the place of use. The cleaning does not have fix times anymore: you can use GDA at any time, with the peace of mind to be able to do it with the utmost discretion.

The unit, usually placed technical room or the garage, communicates via a centralized network of PVC pipes– with different environments, in each one of which there is an inlet socket to which it is ; sufficient to connect the comfortable and lightweight flexible pipe.

The internal piping conveys the dirt (dust, dust mites, bacteria) to the suction unit which, through a cyclonic effect, deposes it in a special container with a dust collection bag, to be replaced periodically. The presence of the filter – washable polyester, certificate according to the most restrictive prescriptions – and the expulsion of filtered air to the outside avoid that even the smallest particle can be reinserted into the environment.

The micro dust, dust mites and bacteria are filtered and expelled outside, leaving a perfectly clean and healthy environment.

Do you want to know how a centralized vacuum cleaner is installed?

Acentral vacuum system is a great power without being seen or heard. But it silently cleans every room and purifies the air like no other system can do.

It is traced on the construction site at the same time as the electrical and plumbing systems of the estate are put in place, following the indications of the project made by GDA.

The central vacuum unit is placed in service rooms or in technical rooms. (garage, laundry).

A duct has to be provided for the expulsion of air directly outside or in air shafts.

The suction inlets are positioned at the same height as the lower power sockets, the positioning is studied to give a coverage of the rooms taking into account that from each outlet a 7 mt working hose is used, able to cover about 30 square meters.

With the GDA central vacuum system it is possible to realise a system without electric wires as we are the only ones to have an integrated wireless solution that allows the dual use, either wireless with switch on / off from the handle on the flexible hose or with electrical contact on the inlets.

Still under construction, and consequently before laying the floors, the system is already operational.

Thanks to the special patented cover that hermetically closes the suction hole of the counter sockets , it is possible to easily and quickly test the correct functioning of the system and to intervene if there is any imperfection.

Depending on the line of switches and plates you choose for your home, you can adapt the GDA series Astra sockets as they can accommodate the main brands of electric socket frames, adapting perfectly to the style of your furniture.

How much does it cost the centralized vacuum system?

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