General D’Aspirazione, with more than 45 years of experience, develops, registers and manufactures an assortment of vacuum centrals with unique features in their kind.

The soft, aesthetic line, combined with the new totally white colour, is pleasant and allows the installation in any environment.

The materials, strictly Made in Italy, are resistant to time and to atmospheric agents, thus allowing also their placement in outdoor environments.

The compact size of the central units provides greater flexibility for a convenient installation.

The use is for a single operator and the application field reaches up to 700 square meters of surface.


An indispensable element to make our residential product final and complete. The central unit located inside the box achieves an acoustic reduction of up to 10 dB, of an already silent system. It can also be installed inside the home.

GDA Box dimensions: 500 x 730 x 270 mm


To obtain further protection of the control unit and acoustic reduction. The outdoor box can be installed in any environment (available for all versions of central units).

Outdoor Box MINI dimention for WS-Wi1000 models: 460 x 310 x 690 mm
Outdoor Box MEDIUM dimention for WS-Wi1250 and Wi1450 models: 460 x 330 x 1136 mm
Outdoor Box MAXI dimention for WT1250 e WT1450 models: 460 x 330 x 1278 mm

The continuous search for excellence and innovation in the field of commercial/industrial cleaning has lead to the creation of the new “Inverter Central Monoblock” which in one body unites design, technology, and performance at the highest level in order to offer the best products to our customers.

Available in versions from one up to four simultaneous users, the Monoblock centrals insure better performance, reduced consumption and an excellent filtering capacity in lesser space.

Their area of utilisation goes from approximately 300 square metres, like villas or B&B etc.

The new Inverter Central Monoblock power plants are smaller in size than previous models.

  • Single panel with LCD display for managing inverter parameters, self-cleaning, maintenance and alarms.
  • Possibility of remote display panel.
  • Simplified user parameters with favorites list.
  • Self-cleaning system update with user-modifiable times.
  • Manual self-cleaning button
  • Alarm reset button.
  • Predisposition for relay output for interfacing with home automation.
  • Easy access to all components in case of extraordinary maintenance.

Astra: The new era of central vacuum systems.

Its ULTRAPIATTA (ultra-flat) shape is the new reference point for contemporary design.

Simply compatible: The new Astra inlet is compatible with all GDA systems and suits all the main brands of electric socket frames. Available for both, systems with wireless function and systems with electric cable
Is compatible all the main brands of electric socket frames
Available for both, systems with wireless function and systems with electric cable

Astra is the only one guaranteed for 10 years.

Quadra Series Inlets

A single body with a sober and square shape in plastic material, available in three colors.
Stainless steel version with 1 mm thickness for floor installation.

Service Inlet

For installation with exposed piping.
It is installed directly on the Ø 50 tube.

The baseboard inlet, installed at floor level comes in handy for suction of small objects for instance in a kitchen.

Due to its installation in the kitchen baseboard it is even possible to vacuum small waste while sweeping without the use of the flexible hose.

A linear design and three colors (white, black, and aluminum) makes the baseboard aspirator adaptable to any interior design.

It can also be installed on the wall using the special counter-socket.
The central unit is switched on and off by moving the front switch.